Lauren Moseley ’16

Non Profit Organization 

I work at a national organization which advocates on behalf of academic innovation. The organization is currently cultivating partnerships with universities in the Middle East & North Africa, and my familiarity with the region has been helpful with research into new partnerships.

My interest was piqued by the fun, food, and chaos of the end-of-semester event I attended towards the conclusion of my first year. I registered for my first Arabic class almost immediately after. In addition to my chemistry major, I wanted to explore language, literature, culture, history, and politics — Arabic Studies was a perfect fit.

Beyond the incredible education, I most valued the close-knit nature of the department. In my experience, students within the department were extremely dedicated to the growth and wellbeing of Arabic Studies at Williams. I am grateful for the friendships with peers and faculty that were forged in this unique environment, and the meaningful work we accomplished for the department.

Go to every end-of-semester event; face your fears and eat lunch at the Arabic language table; if possible, study abroad in the Arab world; support other language departments; befriend a TA; ask Amal for music recommendations (but really the goal is to duet with her on Somos Sur).