Amal Eqeiq

Photo of Amal Eqeiq

Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature

Hollander Hall Rm 232


B.A. Hebrew University (1997)
M.A. Tel Aviv University, English (2004)
M.A. University of Oregon, Comparative Literature (2006)
Ph.D. University of Washington, Comparative Literature (2013)


ARAB 256 / ENGL 284 SEM

Arab and Anglophone: Narratives Beyond Nation and Diaspora (not offered 2023/24)

COMP 261 / ARAB 261 SEM

Comparative Postcolonial Narratives: Novels from the Arab World, Latin-America and the Caribbean (not offered 2023/24)

COMP 346 / ARAB 346 SEM

Revolutions and Counter-Revolutions: Narratives from the Arab World, Latin America and the Caribbean (not offered 2023/24)

ARAB 368 / COMP 368 / WGSS 368 SEM

Arab Women Writers: Remapping Urban Narratives (not offered 2023/24)

Current Committees

  • Compensation Committee from Steering Committee